September 14, 2010

a new bag

Hi guys,

Today, the weather is very bad here in the Netherlands. It rains all the day and I was total wet when I came home.
Today I must go to dance but first a new post!
I get a bag from my mother! She used it when she was younger. It's real leather. I'm really in love with this bag, I don't have a color like this. I want to use it, but with this weather I stay at home...

I want to do an outfit post. I think that's nice. But it don't have any ideas what to wear. I want to show you my  look on lookbook. I have two comments, but no hype.. But I don't give up! If I have a new outfit I should post it! It's an other version, but I hope you like it. And maybe you hype it?
What do I wear?
a black lazer from America Today
a top from Vero Moda
a boyfriend jeans short from H&M
a belt from outfitters nation.
On my nails I have black nailpolish from Miss Sporty.


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  1. Hun that bag is soooo wickedly're so lucky your mom gave it to you! thnxx 4 the comment by the way I am now following your it!


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