December 31, 2010

Happy new year!

Hello reaers!

Here is a veeery quick post because I'm going to celebrate the new year!
So I wish you all a very good, lovely and health 2011!
I'll post the pictures of my shoot (yesterday I had a shoot) tomorrow!

Kisses, and of course have fun this evening!
Mireille. ♥

December 29, 2010

Quick outfit post!

I'm wearing:
Kaki green tregging from Vero Moda,
Long t-shirt from H&M, 
Black cardigan from America Today. 
Hi guys,

This is a quick outfit post! I hope you like it.
Tomorrow I'll have a 'photoshoot' with a friend of mine. I'll show you the results
I wish you all a nice day!



'maak je zelf niet mooier dan je bent, 
op een gegeven moment val je toch wel door de mand.'
made by myself.

Love this picture

                                            C O C O R O C H A

December 28, 2010

New in!

Hi guys,

I went to the city with my mum. And I've bought the bracelet from the brand Buddha to Buddha! I'm very happy! I bought Ben from the Junior Collection. 
We checked out some stores and I've bought that belt and the blouse. The belt is real leather. A few weeks ago, one of my favorite belts broke. So I have a new one now! The blouse is a bit chique but that's an other side of me. 
I wish you all a nice day.


December 27, 2010


Hello readers,

There are some summer clothes from the H&M site. I want summer! Here in the Netherlands is the weather cold, and there's about 9 days snow! I want sun, walking in shorts, skirts and dresses. I know that I have to wait until the hot days... But I love these clothes, and that's why I show you them! I hope you like it.


December 25, 2010

Enjoy your life

Hey Dear,

Here’s a post with a lot of pictures. All these pictures are from my blog on Tumblr. I found them on other Tumblr blogs.
My blog on Tumblr is called I need sugars in my life! I chose that name because I think you have to enjoy your life. I know that every life has his ups and downs, but why don’t we enjoy it? Life is too short to be disappointed because not everything’ll happen.
All these pictures are from nice moments out a life. The pictures are polychrome. That makes me cheerful.
The pictures are from things what I love: donuts, cupcakes, beautiful nature, dresses (nice clothes), Christmas, Starbucks, laptops (and other gadgets), roses and festivals.



Hello readers!

I wish you a merry christmas!
We've here a white Christmas in Holland, what's the weather in your country? 
We haven't  a very special Christmas, I went to the church yesterday evening. And I've got money from my parents. I'm going to gourmet (you know eating meat, mushrooms and salads) with my parents, my sister and my little brother. And I'm wearing this simple grey dress from America Today. I don't want to dress myself special, because nobody (only my family) see me! 

I think I have a lot of money yet (haha). So I think I'm going to buy something for myself. I want this bracelet from the brand Buddha to Buddha. I have a silver Guess watch so it'll match very good together. 
What do you think about it? 

Have a great Christmas with your family (and friends)!


December 22, 2010


Hello readers,

Well, I went to Amsterdam with a friend of mine: Bente. We went by train.
When we came in Amsterdam, we went to the Starbucks. So delicious! I took the White Café Mocha.
So I've drunk coffee and put on some clothes. But I didn't found anything. :( I love shopping, and I have money now. It's always the same thing: When I don't have money, I see a lot of fabelous clothes what I want! But when I have money, I don't find anything. So we walked down a street. And I saw a store with books. I loooove reading! I read every year a lot of books. The store had only English books, and the Lauren Conrad style! The last one, so I couldn't leave him. 

I like her books, (I've read L.A. Candy and Sweet Little Lies; I love them, great stories.) and I like her style. She looks always beautiful! On the last photo she's wearing a simple skinny with a sweater: a simple outift. But when she's wearing it: it looks so good!
A whole story, but I hope you like it. 


December 21, 2010

Outfit post

What I'm wearing:
Simple black 'waistocat' from America Today | Top from Vero Moda | Simple black skirt from H&M.

Hello readers!

Here is a quick outfit post of today. I hope you like it. 
If there don't fall new snow, I'll go tomorrow to Amsterdam with a friend of mine: Bente. I hope that we go, and I hope I find something new. And we go to Starbucks. I really love coffee, and the coffee from Starbucks is soo delicious. 
Have a nice day! 



December 20, 2010


What I wore:
Grey t-shirt from America Today,
Leather jeacket from Only,
destroyed jeans from H&M.

The only different thing is the simple blue Blazer form Zara.

A few days ago I had a 'photoshoot' with a friend of mine. It was freezing cold (20 cm. snow and it was a very cold day). But I had a lot of fun! You can see my outfits on these pictures.
Tomorrow I'll do an outfit post!
Have a nice day, evening or what ever!


December 17, 2010

Lovely hairstyles

Hi guys,

Omg, it's snowing the whole day! Trains don't ride, it's horrible. I love the snow, but sometimes I hate it. Today felt about 20 cm. snow. That's a lot! It's beautifu;, so I'll take tomorrow some pictures of it.
Now I have two weeks Christmas Holiday, I love it! Next week it's Christmas. I want to try these hairstyles.
What do you think? 

Enjoy your holiday/evening/day/weekend or something like that! 


"When I was young, I couldn’t wait to grow up. 
What the hell was I thinking about this world..?"
made by myself. 

December 16, 2010

Quick post.

Photo's from FashionGoneRogue

Those pictures are published in Elle Sweden. I love the pitures. The model (Siri Tollerod) looks beautiful on the pictures. I like the destroyed clothes.  What do you think?

I'll do an outfit post soon, but the weather is very bad here! It's raining the whole day... When I come at home (after my schoolday). I was totally wet! So I put on some comfortable dry clothes and my is very bad now.. 
Tomorrow is my last day at school and than I'll have christmas holiday! So time to relax, and time to do some outfit posts!
Love. ♥ 

December 15, 2010

Rebecca Chandler

This model is Rebecca Chandler. She's a model. I found her photo on the British Vogue site. For the Street Chic.  I really love this photo. A great style! 
What she said about her outfit: "I would describe my style as French Left Bank chic and I love Diane Kruger's style. I'm wrapped up in a Zara scarf and a vintage coat, worn with boots from Browns and a Marc Jacobs handbag."
What do you think about it?
Have a nice day. Love! 

December 12, 2010

Christmas market!

Hi guys,

I went with my mum to the Christmas market. I didn't see anything special... Only these cupcakes! I'm in love with them, haha. They're sooo beautiful! And you can eat them. Shame but I think delicious. 
Have nice evening or what ever. 


a Tumblr blog!

Hi guys,

A few weeks ago, I made a second blog. A blog on Tumblr. I didn't know how it worked... So today I made a new blog on Tumblr. A new start (:
Now I know a little bit how it works. I think I'll understand it soon.

Maybe you can check it out. It isn't the same idea/style/thing as Fashion-addict. It calls:
I need sugars in my life. 

So when I see a lovely pictures I'll post it on Tumblr. Click here to go to my blog on Tumblr. 
I hope you like it! 
Have a nice sundag,

Kisses and love,