August 30, 2010

Just a day

Hi guys,

Today I've got my second roll of photos. My first roll was totally failed... But now were two pictures succeeded! I'm very happy.
Today was my first schoolday. It was nice tosee everybody. Tomorrow is my first day with lessons. Gym, chemistry, english, history, economics and physics...
Oh I must eat, and after that I must go to my ballet lesson. I'm nervous..


Autumn and Winter-trends

Hi guys,

Here some trends for this autumn and winter:
  • Animal trints: leopard and snakeprints.
  • Bubble shorts: chic, cute and tough.
  • Colors: camel and khaki green.
  • Leather: pants of leather or latex.
  • Oversized coats: trench and jackets.

August 29, 2010

Hi guys!

The weather is so bad here, it's like a day in December. Rain, rain, rain.

Today is the birthday of one of my friends: Fendi!
Tomorrow I go to school but I really do not want... It's nice to hear everyone's vacation stories, but I don't want homework and tests... Tomorrow is my first ballet lesson. I'm really nervous because I haven't done it years. But I look forward the lesson, I'm zo excited! Wish my luck!
It's good to save my money, I think I have it in October!
I think that I wear this tomorrow:

I hope that you enjoyed your weekend!


August 28, 2010

Style of Aimee Song ♫

Hi guys,
I will show you the style of Aimee Song. She lives in Los Angeles and San Francisco; CA. She’s twenty-three years old. She has her own blog: (too on blogspot!) Song of style. She wears often a short because it makes her taller. She likes to match styles.  So it is not just girly or chic, but mix them. I really like that about her style. I follow her blog and her on Twitter. On her blog she posts a lot of pictures with a small text. Her outfits are too on Lookbook:


August 27, 2010

Le Blog de Betty! ♥

Hi guys,

Betty is a style blogger and she has her own blog. Betty's blog it's all about het outfits, shopping, travels and her friends. She's a 26-year-old woman from France; Paris. I love her style! So let's show some outfits:

On three pictures she is wearing the same leather short, I like that short. She bought it by Maje. If you like it you can go to her blog and follow it, I also do that!



My first message!

Hello everybody! 

First: I’m just beginning with this, so I don’t know how it works.. It costed a lot of time to invent a good ‘blog title.’ I read about a blog so I created one! I hope that you like it! Let’s tell something about me:

I’m Mireille: a fourteen-year-old girl form the Netherlands who loves taking photographs. I’ve a sister and a little brother. My sister was on holiday and during her vacantion, she met a English photographer. She told about me and he gave her a camera to learn the basics about photography. It’s a very, very, very old camera. So you can’t see what you made, and what’s the difference with other institutions . I’m saving my money for a good, own, profession camera. 
Another hobbies are: dancing, shopping, be with friends, fashion, – I love lookbook because there are people with style who inspirate me. – summer, music, reading and I like to write stories.