August 27, 2010

My first message!

Hello everybody! 

First: I’m just beginning with this, so I don’t know how it works.. It costed a lot of time to invent a good ‘blog title.’ I read about a blog so I created one! I hope that you like it! Let’s tell something about me:

I’m Mireille: a fourteen-year-old girl form the Netherlands who loves taking photographs. I’ve a sister and a little brother. My sister was on holiday and during her vacantion, she met a English photographer. She told about me and he gave her a camera to learn the basics about photography. It’s a very, very, very old camera. So you can’t see what you made, and what’s the difference with other institutions . I’m saving my money for a good, own, profession camera. 
Another hobbies are: dancing, shopping, be with friends, fashion, – I love lookbook because there are people with style who inspirate me. – summer, music, reading and I like to write stories. 

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