February 21, 2011

Time to say goodbye...

Hallo allemaal!  

Ik heb een nieuw blog. Dus ik wil iedereen die mij nu volgt, vragen om mij daar opnieuw te volgen! Met dit blog doe ik niks meer, maar misschien is het leuk om het allemaal nog een keer te lezen. Daarom verwijder ik hem niet of zoiets. Verder wil ik jullie allemaal bedanken voor het volgen en de lieve reacties!

Hi guys,

This is my last post here... But I don't stop! I began a new blog/site: dresslikemi.com
I hope you will visit it and follow me. I created a new Bloglovin' account.
I had a great time here on my first blog, and I thank you so much for following and leaving the sweet comments!

February 19, 2011

Own blog

Hello everybody!

Here's a new post. What I'm wearing on the pictures above:
Brown jacket from River Woods | Grey shirt from Geddes and Gillmore | Jeans from H&M | Boots from Ugg Australia.
The pictures are a bit old, but today I'm wearing the same. So that's why I show you these pictures.
I have big news! I will make an own blog, not a blog by Blogger but an own site!
The only problem is, the name of my blog now fashion addict, isn't available. So I need a new one. I'm thinking for a long time about the name. It's so difficult. I want a simple name. So if you have some tips or something leave them!

xoxo Mireille.

February 15, 2011

How do your hair do?

I really love this hair style! Most of the time my hair is just hanging with a clip or something. I've never done my hair perfect. I see a lot of pictures with nice curls, braids and other styles. And I think than: How did you do that?! So if you have some tips, tell me, link it or something!
And this pictures is also a good outfit inspiration! A few weeks, and the weather will be warmer! Time for tank tops! I can't wait! I like the pants of this pictures. The only thing I can say: a simple but very good looking outfit!  Love. 

February 13, 2011

Valentine's day

     - photos from Tumblr and Weheartit.

Hello everybody,
Tomorrow is… Valentine’s day! A day I always will love. Most of the time, I don’t get anything.. But I still love that day. Romantic presents, roses, just a day to say what you feel and of course a lot of love.
But I think I don’t get anything. Unfortunately but I’m not in love. And I think it’s poor for somebody who give you a sweet present, but you have to say: ‘I don’t  like you.’
On school we have the ‘Mendel roses.’ You can put two Euro in an envelope with the name and class of your valentine. And that person will get a rose, from you. You can do it with or without your name. So maybe there’s on my school somebody who still loves me and gives me a rose. But I don’t think so…
I hope you will have a nice day, and if you have a lovely story or if you’ve got a present, tell me!
I really like that.

February 7, 2011

It's all about the details and Stylish Blogger Award

There were three girls who gave the Stylish blogger award to me. Helena, Babi, and Rixt. I don't know the real name of 'Rixt,' maybe is Rixt the real name. (:
So I have to tell 5 facts about myself...

1. My real name is: Mireille Cornelia Elisabeth Sneekes. (Very long, I know..)
2. English is my worst  language on school. I make the tests of French and German way better.
3. I've never been abroad. My parents don't want that. So the only city I've seen is Antwerp. Just for one day...
4. I don't order clothes on Internet. Only at the H&M site.
5. I'm addicted to: music, my blackberry, twitter, blogging and reading.
I give the Stylish blogger award to...

February 6, 2011

Hello everybody!

This is what I was wearing today! Very quick.
Dark blue tregging | Lanvin for H&M t- shirt | Short blue blazer (borrowed from my sister).
 I have a schoolparty Thursday, so I'll show you what I'll wearing. If you have some hair and make-up ideas, leave them!

February 4, 2011

H&M goes eco fabulous

Hi guys,

H&M comes - again - with a new special collection! Unfortunately not a designer... But an organic colletion. The clothes are from organic cotton and recycled polyester. It think it's good that they think about the environment, and the collection looks good!
As you can see on the pictures, the colours are very basic and soft. Always nice for the summer! I really like soft colours.
The only thing is, that we have to wait until April. The collection is availble at the stores from the 14th of April. I don't think the collection will be expensive. So when we save our money, we can match it with a more expensive jacket or something. That will be good looking outfits!

I hope you like the collection. 
Love, Mireille.