February 7, 2011

It's all about the details and Stylish Blogger Award

There were three girls who gave the Stylish blogger award to me. Helena, Babi, and Rixt. I don't know the real name of 'Rixt,' maybe is Rixt the real name. (:
So I have to tell 5 facts about myself...

1. My real name is: Mireille Cornelia Elisabeth Sneekes. (Very long, I know..)
2. English is my worst  language on school. I make the tests of French and German way better.
3. I've never been abroad. My parents don't want that. So the only city I've seen is Antwerp. Just for one day...
4. I don't order clothes on Internet. Only at the H&M site.
5. I'm addicted to: music, my blackberry, twitter, blogging and reading.
I give the Stylish blogger award to...


  1. congrats with your award! You deserve it, love your blog:)
    I don't think your english is bad at all:)

    Xx Jorien

  2. Hey Mireille! Gefeliciteerd met je award! Je blog is ook super! Leuk dat je me volgt, ik volg jou ook! x Elma

  3. haha thaanks. en ik weet het niet. gewoon goed bijhouden die blog denk ik (; ?
    vond je het schoolfeest gister een beetje leuk?


  4. ah, dankjewel!
    misschien was ik het ook wel vergeten, ik weet het niet meer, maar ik heb je er gelijk bijgezet! (:

  5. Beautiful blog :D. I love many of your outfits :)
    If you want follow me and I'll follow you too.
    Alla Moda e con Stile

  6. je bent echt een mooi meisje, en super blog heb je ook! ik ga he volgen.

  7. mooie header, en lovely post!


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