February 15, 2011

How do your hair do?

I really love this hair style! Most of the time my hair is just hanging with a clip or something. I've never done my hair perfect. I see a lot of pictures with nice curls, braids and other styles. And I think than: How did you do that?! So if you have some tips, tell me, link it or something!
And this pictures is also a good outfit inspiration! A few weeks, and the weather will be warmer! Time for tank tops! I can't wait! I like the pants of this pictures. The only thing I can say: a simple but very good looking outfit!  Love. 


  1. ooh
    very interesting hair style.
    I like.

  2. wauw, ziet er inderdaad mooi uit, heb alleen geen idee hoe ik het zo zou moeten doen. :P

  3. i like that hairstyle too! it's simply effortless chic!


  4. haha ik volgde je al(: dankjewel! x

  5. oh it is so pretty! and seemingly simple too!

  6. like this hair style.



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