October 31, 2010

I LOVE... Bags

                                                Hermes: Birkin
                                                  Louis Vuitton
                                              Louis Vuitton 

Hi guys,

There are a lot of things I really love. You could read: Shopping and take pictures. A new subject: Bags.
I really love bags. All the kinds. There aren't a lot of bags I don't love.
I have a lot of bags, the most are in Colors like black, brown and grey, because these colors match the best with my clothes.
I think every single girl or woman loves bags. I really love bags from a brand. Like the bays I showed you. What do you think about these bags? They are very expensive, so I think that I have to buy the look-a-likes...

Love and kisses,
Mireille ♥

Ps. I changed my logo. I am not sure about it... What do you think? Please left a comment and tell me.
Tomorrow starts my school again, so I hope that I have enough time to post new messages.

October 30, 2010


Hi guys,

This is one of the pictures I took this morning.
It shows the real autumn. The days are colder and the threes get yellow leaves.
I like that. I think autumn and winter are nicest times.


New stuff

Hi guys,

This morning, I went to the beach to take some pictures. The weather wasn't nice, but there some good pictures. I'll show you them soon!
After the beach, I went to the village with my mother.
I sought for a long time boots. I wanted short boots, black or grey. And I found them!
I'm so happy. I think my boots are nice. And I found this bracelet. What do you think?

Have a nice day!
xoxo Mireille. ♥

October 28, 2010

I LOVE... Shopping

Yesterdat, I went to the city with my mom. I saw a week ago lovely boots. So I would buy them. But they didn't fit me... :(
But I found these clothes. A blazer or something from Only. A shirt from Only and two nailpolisches.

Mireille ♥

October 26, 2010

I LOVE... to take pictures


     When my hair looks good, I'll conquer the world. 

I had 'a little shoot' with my best friend: Emma. Check out her blog. (I made the 'logo' for her blog)

Kisses and a lot of love,

October 23, 2010

Lanvin for H&M

Hi guys,

You have to click on this link and watch the video.
Lanvin voor H&M filmpje & campagnefoto - Girlscene

Lanvin makes a collection for H&M, do you wanna see it? I do. But we have to wait until the second of November.
You see during the video Natasha and Bruno. But on the video you see cubes, so you can't see the clothes. They're smart.
                                photo from Girlscene. 
This is the only photo we can see, I really love the dresses. I look forward the whole collection.

Love ♥ 

October 21, 2010

Make your pictures with love

Hi guys,

Last week I made pictures with my sister.
It was the first 'big shoot' with my new camera.
It was fun and I think there are good results.
My sister is a 16-year-old girl. She loves horses. And as soon as I can, I'll take pictres of here with a horse or something.


October 17, 2010

Spring collection from style.com

Hi guys,

These pictures are from style.com.
From the top ten spring collection 2011.
I think these pictures are the lovliest.
I hope that I can upload soon a new post, but I'm very busy with dancing and school.

Love and kisses,
Mireille ♥♥

October 12, 2010

Benelux next top model

Hi guys,

One of my favorite tv programs is: Benelux next top model. It's the same idea as America's next top model, but than from the Netherlands. Benelux is an abbreviation for: Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. The 'models' are girls from the Netherlands and Belgium.
I hope that Alix (a 16-year-old Dutch girl) wins. I like her personality. Here are some pitures of her, they took during the shows. She has a beautiful face and lips. Yesterday she had the best picture. The lower, she's the middle girl.

Mireille ♥

October 10, 2010

Other lay-out!

Hi guys,

You see, my blog has a new name!
I'm very happy. The old name was a kind of stupid. I invented the name when I start with my blog. But I didn't like the name. But I knew no other name. (:
What do you think? Please left a comment. Other stuff:

These pictures are from style.com
A photographer: Tommy Ton took them during the fashion week at Paris. I really love the pictures. And I love the fashion week to. I want to go to Paris, (but my parents don't want to go abroad) because I love the language and it's one of the biggest fashion cities!

Love and kisses,
Mireille ♥

October 9, 2010


Hi guys,

Here is a quick post!
I really love the H&M. I buy there a lot, at a store or on internet. I like to check out the site and then get inspiration. They have all the kinds of clothes. For everybody. It's not expensive and the clothes are comfortable. Sometimes they have a 'style guide.' Than you can see  how they combine the clothes. But I'm always to late and the most things are sold out.. I'm still waiting until they are back in store!


October 8, 2010


dHi guys,
I’m sorry that I didn’t post a blogpost last days. I’m veeeery busy with school. I’m weekend now, so time for a break. But next week I’ve 9 tests! That’s a lot. 4 are important but 5 are more important. We have at school a SO and a PW. A PW is more important than a SO. Maybe you understand it, haha. 

Yesterday, I had my first ballet lesson on pointes. I liked it, it hurts a little bit. A few days ago my mum made my pointes complete. We had to put the ribbons on the pointes. They’re so beautiful. I look forward to my next classic ballet lesson!