October 4, 2010

New clothes

Hi guys,

This weekend I went to Amsterdam. And I did some shopping. I didn't found a lot, one thing. Haha. A kaki green tregging. I love that color, and this winter, te color is hot!
I was disappointed that I found only the tregging. So yesterday I went to Haarlem with my mum to do more shopping! I think you have money to spend. I bought a new blazer, vest and a black t-shirt.

Here can you see my new outfit! I really love it, and I'm thinking to post this outfit on lookbook, what do you think?
What do I wear?
Long black vest from Vila
Long black t-shirt from Vero Moda 
Kaki green tregging from Vero Moda
Black Espradilles from H&M
Watch from Guess 

xoxo love,
Mireille ♥

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