October 31, 2010

I LOVE... Bags

                                                Hermes: Birkin
                                                  Louis Vuitton
                                              Louis Vuitton 

Hi guys,

There are a lot of things I really love. You could read: Shopping and take pictures. A new subject: Bags.
I really love bags. All the kinds. There aren't a lot of bags I don't love.
I have a lot of bags, the most are in Colors like black, brown and grey, because these colors match the best with my clothes.
I think every single girl or woman loves bags. I really love bags from a brand. Like the bays I showed you. What do you think about these bags? They are very expensive, so I think that I have to buy the look-a-likes...

Love and kisses,
Mireille ♥

Ps. I changed my logo. I am not sure about it... What do you think? Please left a comment and tell me.
Tomorrow starts my school again, so I hope that I have enough time to post new messages.

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