December 25, 2010


Hello readers!

I wish you a merry christmas!
We've here a white Christmas in Holland, what's the weather in your country? 
We haven't  a very special Christmas, I went to the church yesterday evening. And I've got money from my parents. I'm going to gourmet (you know eating meat, mushrooms and salads) with my parents, my sister and my little brother. And I'm wearing this simple grey dress from America Today. I don't want to dress myself special, because nobody (only my family) see me! 

I think I have a lot of money yet (haha). So I think I'm going to buy something for myself. I want this bracelet from the brand Buddha to Buddha. I have a silver Guess watch so it'll match very good together. 
What do you think about it? 

Have a great Christmas with your family (and friends)!



  1. ik vind buddha to buddha echt heel erg gaaf! Staat wss suuper bij die guess! heel leuk!

    Fijne kerst!

  2. hihi die armband heb ik ook! hij is wel ietsje anders dan op t plaatje, is t die van de junior?

  3. @ Emma. Dankje!

    @ Britt. Ja die is van de junior ding want bij de volwassene stond 19cm. Dat lijkt me nogal groot.


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