December 25, 2010

Enjoy your life

Hey Dear,

Here’s a post with a lot of pictures. All these pictures are from my blog on Tumblr. I found them on other Tumblr blogs.
My blog on Tumblr is called I need sugars in my life! I chose that name because I think you have to enjoy your life. I know that every life has his ups and downs, but why don’t we enjoy it? Life is too short to be disappointed because not everything’ll happen.
All these pictures are from nice moments out a life. The pictures are polychrome. That makes me cheerful.
The pictures are from things what I love: donuts, cupcakes, beautiful nature, dresses (nice clothes), Christmas, Starbucks, laptops (and other gadgets), roses and festivals.



  1. Mooi hoor!

  2. I follow you now darling!I love all those photossssssssssssssss ^^

  3. Ooh oke, ja maar die zijn ook een stuk breder meteen! Ik heb zelf ook de junior, die is denk ik iets minder dan 1cm breed, prima maat. Heb je geld gekregen dat je die koopt?:)

  4. Ooh oke, ja idd :) Kan je wel even een foto laten zien via twitter? Even zoeken hoor, haha xx

  5. I love these photos! They are so cheerful! I am obsessed with basically every thing in the photos too haha

  6. Deze foto's maken me helemaal vrolijk. :] Hihi.



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