September 4, 2010

Helena & Maria ♫

 Hi guys,

Other news about Music. – yes, not about fashion or photograpghy, ha ha. – I love music, I can’t sing, but I like it, I can’t playing guitar or something but I like it too. I dance and music is important for dance. I have a iPod and I love listening to my music. I found Helena and Maria so I want to tell something about them:
Helena and Maria are twins. They born in New Jersey, but now they live in Los Angeles. I think they are born to make music because they started playing piano when they were four! I think that’s young. Later began they with playing guitar. In high school they began with writing songs. They also sing very beautiful! They are twins so their voices are very beautiful together. In 2006, Helena and Maria recorded their first album it calls ‘Serene.’ You can find all their songs on Youtube and iTunes. Here is a beautiful song, what they retreaded. You can go to their site:  I follow them on twitter. Do you want to follow them too? Click here. 


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