September 3, 2010


Hi guys,

I'm sorry, but I didn't post messages the last days. I'm very busy with school (homework) and sport. I'm busy with a new message. It's weekend so I can take the time for my blog.
I've two reactions, I love reaction so thank you very much! ♥ There are photos (that I made) on my blog. Right and they start with the two apples.
Yesterday, I bought my Blackberry. I'm veeery happy with it! I can always on Internet searching for new blog subjects.
I'm very tired. Every morning I must get up at seven o'clock. That's very early...
Yesterday, I had my second ballet lesson. I like it! It's a bit difficult but I've the feeling that I learn a lot every lesson.
Enjoy your weekend! 

♥ ♥

1 comment:

  1. Love!

    wat een geweldige blog.
    ik snap er nogsteeds niks van. Maar dat komt wel, hoplijk.

    En ik sta bijfoto's! ♥ supervet. Trouwens ook supermooie foto's! zelfgemaaakt zekers.

    ik ga weeeeeeeer




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