September 23, 2010


Hi guys,

Today I went to the city with my best friend; Emma. We bought presents for a friend, because tomorrow is her b'day!
After we bought that, we went to the H&M. There found we amazing pumps. I'm really in love with them. But they're too high for me haha. I want them, but they're 11.5 cm. If I get them, i'll practice until I can walk on them.
And I bought a new nailpolish. A grey one. I love nailpolish and I have twenty colours, haha. But I hadn't a grey one. I sought a picture, but I can't found so I took a picture.

The pumps, but I like them more in black. But I couldn't fnd them too, sorry..
I have to dinner now, and after that I have ballet lesson.
Enjoy yuor day!

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