January 1, 2011

'Photoshoot' with Emma!

Pictures of me. 


Pictures which I made. 


Picture together. ♥ 

Hi guys,

How was your New Years Eve? I had a lot of fun yesterday! I've celebrated with a friend of mine and here family. And I slept at her. I slept only 5 houres, so I'm very tired.
A few days ago, I had a 'photoshoot' with a friend of mine, Emma. Here are the pictures. I hope you like them. 
I've made a new header. Do you like it? I wish you all a nice evening.



  1. thnks voor je lieve comment♥
    if u like, become my follower♥
    mooie header + foto's!


  2. Super foto's! Vooral de 6e.
    Je header vind ik ook erg mooi! Erg lieve foto. :]

  3. great blog amazing pics!thanks for comment in my blogg


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