January 8, 2011


Hi guys,

There's one thing what I always will love; Cupcakes. I want cupcake socks! For wearing at home or something. I've searched on the Internet to find some cupcakes socks. I found this picture. 
The shoes are so funny: transparent All Stars. And if you match it with cheerful socks with a cupcake, stars, hearts etc. overprint, you'll have a nice effect! 
Other cupcake pictures: 

You see cupcake nails on this pictures!
I don't go to school with cupcake nails, but sometimes for a party It'll be nice! 

And of course a cupcake! This one is so cute! I love every cupcake! I want to make cupcakes on my own, but these are some ingredients which I can't buy at the supermarket.. 
Voor de Nederlandse lezers onder ons: Heeft iemand misschien een goed recept?



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  2. Sorry for deleting the comment, we noticed some problems when it was posted...
    We just wanted to say your blog looks great and we will take a look at it often.

    Kisses from croissantmode

  3. Anything that has to do with cupcakes is adorable! It's great seeing another cupcake fanatic out there, lol. Thanks for commenting on my post! Your blog is lovely!

    I'm your newest follower btw (:

  4. Cupcakes zijn echt de mooiste eetbare dingen uitgevonden! :) erg leuke foto'tjes! Makes me hungy ;)


  5. Dankjewel, heel leuk om te lezen! Ook leuk dat je me volgt trouwens :) Van dit artikel word ik echt vrolijk, foto 1 en 2 zijn echt super!


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